6th-8th Grades   
  Patricia Kerber, 6th Grade Teacher
My name is Patricia Kerber, and I am a 6th Grade teacher for the St. Hubert Catholic School Community.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with Middle School Endorsement in Language Arts from Roosevelt University.  I have five years of teaching experience – all of which are at St. Hubert Catholic School.

I am a member of various organizations:  International Reading Association, National Council of Teachers of English, and the Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society.  I have also received the 2012 Hoffman Estates Great Citizen Award.

As a teacher, I believe that high expectations are important in every classroom.  Recognizing the need to sometimes differentiate instruction to effectively reach such expectations is vital to a student’s success.  It is not only my job, but my passion, to help my students flourish and gain the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world. 
  Karen Niemerg, 6th Grade Teacher
My name is Karen Niemerg, and I am the Social Studies teacher for Junior High.  I hold a Bachelor of Arts in History and a Master of Science in Education - Foundations of Education from Northern Illinois University.  I am certificated by the State of Illinois to teach grades 6-12 with a Middle School Endorsement. I have taught at St. Hubert for over 10 years.               

I am a member of the Phi Alpha Theta International Honor Society in History.  I received the Phi Alpha Gold Key Award for Academic Honors and the Exemplary Student Teacher Award from the Northern Illinois University College of Liberal Arts.  I am also an Archdiocesan Catechist.  

My goal as a teacher is to help all students learn to the best of their capabilities, to assist them to work cooperatively with each other, and to provide them with the social studies skills needed for academic success, citizenship, and real world problem solving.

  Heidi Gorr, 7th Grade Teacher
My name is Heidi Gorr, and I am the Literature teacher for Junior High.  I received my Bachelor of Science degree in English Secondary Education from Illinois State University.  I am certified to teach English in grades 6—12.  I also have a Middle School endorsement, in addition to endorsements in Social Science, Language Arts, and Speech.  In 2015 I earned my Gifted Education Teacher endorsement as well.  I am a Sigma Tau Delta English Honors Society Member, and an Anna Keaton English Scholarship Recipient.I spent the first thirteen years of my teaching career at St. Raymond School in Mt. Prospect as their Junior High Literature teacher, and I loved every minute of it!  While it was extremely difficult to leave, I could not pass up the opportunity to come home to St. Hubert School.  I am a proud graduate of St. Hubert School as well as a parishioner, and my children attend St. Hubert School.My goal as a junior high teacher is to encourage students to think for themselves and not be afraid to break away from the crowd.  My classroom is student centered and fosters open minds and respect for yourself and those around you.

Lori Norman, 7th Grade Teacher
My name is Lori Norman, and I am the junior high English Language Arts teacher. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree from Smith College in Massachusetts. I have middle school endorsements for Reading, Social Studies and English as a Second Language. In addition, I hold a Master’s degree in Teacher Leadership from Roosevelt University and a Reading Specialist Master’s degree from Loyola University. I have taught middle school school for twelve years, as well as have two years as a writing coach at the high school level.My goal as a teacher is to challenge students to work harder and achieve more than they may think is possible by creating an environment where they feel valued. I became a teacher because I wanted to share my love of reading, writing, and learning with others. By bringing joy and enthusiasm to the classroom, I encourage students to become lifelong learners.

Kelly O'Hara, 8th Grade Teacher
My name is Kelly O'Hara, and I teach Junior High Math and Science. I have a Bachelor of Arts in Math and Economics from Northwestern University and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Loyola University. I previously worked in business in the area of computer consulting.I received my teaching licensure from National-Louis University where all of my coursework revolved around iPads and other technologies and how to incorporate these into teaching and learning. I have elementary licensure and middle school endorsements in math and social studies. While at National-Louis, I received the Ida Summins merit scholarship for academic excellence and community service. I continue to serve our community in many capacities including Cub Scout den leader, Boy Scout merit badge counselor, and photographer for a youth theater company. I believe every child can learn and that by using a variety of techniques we can educate every child. I model lifelong learning for children in my classroom and bring real-world examples to the subjects I teach. I look forward to welcoming your child to my classroom.


Michele Ebert, 8th Grade Teacher
My name is Michele Ebert, and I am a Junior High Math and Faith teacher. I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary Education from Moravian College in Bethlehem, PA. I also have a middle school endorsement in Math. I have over 30 years of teaching experience.I am a member of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.I believe, as an educator, that it is my responsibility to create a nurturing learning environment in which all children are able to express themselves freely and develop strategies that will enable them to succeed in and out of the classroom.